a Supplychain Management Division of Propinar LLC

Strategic Sourcing and Procurement

Strategic Sourcing and Procurement involves a complete and thorough analysis of a company's supply chain including its suppliers and suppliers' suppliers. ProSCM Sourcing and Procurement Advisors will lead and assist your company in developing Global Strategic Sourcing and Procurement strategies and implementing Procurement processes including helping critical success factor suppliers produce and deliver products and services to your company efficiently, effectively and at a proven lower cost.

ProSCM Sourcing and Procurement Advisors help clients in the following areas.

  1. Identify synergies between its supply chain and its suppliers' that will result in reduced costs
  2. Expose opportunities for its suppliers to redesign their supply chains to create synergies with its company
  3. Determine which strategic suppliers it should contract with given demand projections and current supply chain network
  4. Develop, draft and negotiate purchase agreements and contracts with key suppliers
  5. Analyze, document and improve the current supplier network's capability to support planned new products
  6. Calculate the cost and service tradeoffs of alternative strategic sourcing and procurement strategies