a Supplychain Management Division of Propinar LLC

The primary objective of a supply chain is to provide customers with what products or services they want, when they want them and where they want them.

ProSCM Advisors help clients assess, align and perfect their supply chain to meet their customers' products and service requirements. We work closely with clients to design, develop, implement and manage supply chain strategies that support the corporate strategy and provide positive sustainable improvements in customer satisfaction and client profitability.

For most companies, a Supply Chain evolves over time due to business changes:

  1. Startup and turnaround environments
  2. Mergers or acquisition events
  3. Products, services and geographic markets changes
  4. Changes in customer price and service requirements and expectations
  5. Capacity requirement changes
  6. Centralized or decentralized supply chain planning, strategic sourcing and procurement
  7. Changing in supply base and its direct and indirect cost structures

ProSCM Advisors know that best supply chain strategies and practices come from following a continuous process of assessing and analyzing business conditions on a periodic and systematic basis. We assist your company in creating the optimal supply chain strategy, by evaluating the trade-offs between procurement, manufacturing, transportation, distribution, and inventory costs as they relate to your overall customers' requirements for response times and fill rates.

ProSCM Advisors will help your company realize quantifiable benefits that include:

  1. Increased customer service fill rates
  2. Maximized service for the most profitable customer accounts
  3. Reduced delivered lead-times
  4. Reduced operating cost, including freight, handling, manufacturing, and procurement
  5. Reduced facility and in-transit inventory
  6. Reduced fixed assets through consolidation of warehouses, plants, and production lines
  7. Managing for the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), including the total cost of acquisition ("optimized landed cost")
  8. Accelerated market response
  9. Distribution Optimization

Supply chains are becoming increasingly complicated and controlling cost is a key factor that puts and keeps any company in a competitive position. The company's distribution network plays a key role in controlling the cost of doing business. An optimized distribution network can be designed and developed to minimize costs by providing the customer the right goods or services, at the right cost, in the right quantity, place, and time. For many companies, controlling distribution costs is about creating a balance between warehousing, logistics and transportation.

Some of the analyses we perform during a distribution optimization assessment project include:

  1. Demand Analysis
  2. Transportation Analysis
  3. Economic Analysis
  4. Alternatives Analysis
  5. Service Times
  6. Strategic Sourcing and Procurement

Strategic Sourcing and Procurement involves a complete analysis of a company's supply chain including its suppliers ans suppliers' suppliers. ProSCM Advisors will lead and assist in developing Strategic Sourcing strategies including helping critical success factor suppliers produce and deliver products and services efficiently and effectively.

ProSCM Advisors will help clients in the following areas:

  1. Identify synergies between its supply chain and its suppliers' that will result in reduced costs
  2. Expose opportunities for its suppliers to redesign their supply chains to create synergies with its company
  3. Determine which strategic suppliers it should contract with given demand projections and current supply chain network
  4. Analyze the current supplier network's capability to supporting planned new products
  5. Calculate the cost and service tradeoffs of alternative strategic sourcing and procurement strategies
  6. Inventory Management

Effective inventory management plays a central role in every company's mission to satisfy its customer's requirements and is essential to supply chain competitiveness.

ProSCM Advisors will assist clients to develop effective inventory management. We analyze the impact of internal and external factors to integrate inventory with purchasing, manufacturing, distribution and sales to create inventory programs and policies that make sense. We can help your company identify and take full advantage of lower inventory costs.

PropinarSCM assessments address:

  1. Sales and Operations Planning processes and procedures
  2. Master Scheduling and Inventory planning
  3. Inventory management practices
  4. Forecasting accuracy
  5. Stocking and non-stock policies
  6. Management of cycle stock
  7. Use of dynamic safety stock levels based on customer service
  8. Cross-dock, cycle count, transfer, and discontinue SKUs effectively
  9. Reduce purchase transaction and manufacturing set-up/changeover costs
  10. Continuous improvement programs

We will assist clients in creating comprehensive inventory management strategies that will enhance financial performance and customer satisfaction.

Our assessments and recommended strategies include the following considerations:

  1. Customer needs and their influence on inventory levels, service levels, lead time, cost and accuracy
  2. Costs incurred from purchase transaction expenses, manufacturing set-up and changeover expenses, etc.
  3. Operational changes driven by promotions, new product introductions/proliferation
  4. Technology and its ability to provide trend, profiling and seasonality-based forecasting, trading partner visibility and planning collaboration
  5. Corporate goals, whether revenue, unit sales, turns, excess/slow moving and more